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             In a world, where talent is scarce, one actress must rise above the rest. Our heroine, Hadas Lev, must face the challenge of standing out in a room where everyone is forced to look exactly the same, all while keeping her composure under pressure. When she was required to play both a vampire and an aristocrat in the stage version of "Bram Stoker's Dracula", she kept her cool. When she was needed to play a socially awkward nerd trying to get out of her comfort zone in "Life of the Party", she did so with ease. Her comedic and improv skills are those of legend, but she proved herself worthy as a dramatic actor, playing Kit the serial killer in "Not Crazy". When she was both emotional and hilarious scolding a preist in "Dressed for Heaven", she astounded all who have ever doubted her brilliance. Her range and character work had proved her a worthy adversary. Her mission, if she so choses, is punching typecasting right in the face. Her enemies are no match for her awkward charm and sarcastic wit. Men tolerate her, and women are fine not being her.


Hadas Lev...coming soon to a theater near you! 

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